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Cost of quality

It is said that Phil Crosby coined the word Cost of poor quality. Later it is called Cost of quality. The ideas originated in the two books of his: Quality is Free and Quality Without Tears. James Harrington wrote a book about this subject. Who know what is the title of the book and where can we buy it? What other publications I have to consult with?
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I had a look around and found these titles:

Business Process Improvement Workbook: Documentation,Analysis,Design,and Management of Business Process Improvement.

High Performance Benchmarking: 20 Steps to Success

Business Process Improvement: The Breakthrough Strategy for Total Quality,Productivity,and Competitiveness.

Have a look at ASQ Quality Press at:



In ISO 9004:2000 clause Financial mesures states that management should consider the conversion of data from processes to financial information in order to provide comparable measures across processes and to facilitate improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of the orgranization. Examples of financial measures include
--- preventive and appraisal costs analysis,
--- nonconformity cost analysis,
--- internal and external failure cost analysis, and
--- life-cycle cost analysis.
Cost of quality consists of conformity cost and nonconformity cost. Conformity cost consists of preventive and appraisal cost.
Acually, the internal and external failure itself is the nonconformity cost. Who knows why the Technical Committee 176 says like that! Nonconformity cost analysis and internal and external failure cost analysis.
However, this clause is a very special one. It is the only clause that not consistence to ISO 9001. This is the only one clause that says about financial, effectiveness and efficiency of the organization.
What is life-cycle cost?


Thank you, Jim for your information.
You are also looking for COQ standard? Do you try these? U.K. Council for Quality and Reliability and the Costs; and The Institute of Cost and Works Accountants. In the preface of AS 2561 it is also cited the DGQ publication "Qualitatskosten---Rahmen--empfehlungen zu ihrer Definition, Erfassung, Beurteilun" (Quality Costs-Basic Recommendation for their Definition, Calculation and Appraisal.
Please tell us the results of your search.

Jim, by the way, what is the optimum level of Quality Costs?


Cost of quality=quality cost

I just found that cost of quality is also called quality cost.


Where can I find these publications?

Who can help me finding the publications on Cost of Quality such as:
1 Quality Costs--what and how by American Society for Quality Control. Now=ASQ;
2 Guide for reducing quality costs by American Society for Quality Control. Now=ASQ;
3 Quality Cost by U.K Council for Quality and Reliability;
4 Quality Cost by The Institute of Cost and Works Accountant;
5 Quality Costing by Ashgate Publishing;
6 Cost of Quality Guidelines by AT and T, Customer Information Center, ISBN 093276258. Written by Tien Hou;
7 Current Trend of Cost of Quality by Institute of Management Accountants. ISBN 0866411976. Written by John Hawley Atkinson;
8 Measuring and Managing Quality Cost by McGraw-Hill. ISBN 0256237859. 32pp, 1996;
9 Quality Costing; Their Impact on Company Strategy and Profitability by Trans-Atlantic Publication. ISBN 094665543x. Wriitten by Clive L. Musgrove and Michael J. Fox. 1994;
10 What is Cost of Quality All About by Pressmark International. ISBN 1883999006. Written by Terry D Stuck. 50 pp, 1993.

Please guide me to those sources.


It appears that you have all the information tou need. Just contact each one of the sources you listed. I would start with ASQ.


Out of print and out of stock

Dear Sam and Barb,

Thanks for your kindness.

The two first titles by AQS are out of print and out of stock. Who can give me the duplications?


Cost of quality, is it a requirement in ISO 16949?

Somebody says that one of the requirements in ISO 16949 is Cost of Quality. Is it true or not? What the standard says? What the organizaiton has to do?
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