Pictures - Nice to see the new visuals


Al Dyer


Nice to see the new visuals. By the way, what was the lomg tailed rodent watching you doing?

Nice update,

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Fully vaccinated are you?
There are a bunch of woodpeckers around here. Well, many fewer now than 5 years ago or more - all the local 'development' to accomodate more people have about eliminated the 'peckers all together. Actually there are onlya few left now.

So - some years back I bought a couple of 'woodpecker' nesting boxes figuring heck - I'd like to watch. I'm a voyeur at heart when it comes to birds and the local animals.

Well, obviously the local 'peckers were real stupid. The 'peckers couldn't read my "Woodpeckers! Please nest HERE!" signs and obviously didn't know a woodpecker house from shinola just by looking. Must be half blind, too.

Within 2 years the wood pecker 'homes' were taken over by squirrels who, ever since, and despite the long, deep design, seem to like them. The current inhabitant, every now and again, will just hang around looking out.

On the other hand, it's a shame. Woodpeckers are real pretty birds and were really nice to watch.There are still a few little Downy Woodpeckers around who come around for peanut suet. I haven't seen a Red-bellied Woodpecker in a few weeks, but there used to be a bunch and they were here almost every day for years. Now one seems to show up every few weeks - sometimes it's 6 to 8 weeks.

The Carolina Wrens have gone - haven't seen one since February. The American Goldfinches are fading away fast.

Oh well - the price of urbanization. Maybe I'll move to deep PA or WV and just commune with the animals for the rest of my life....


Fully vaccinated are you?
As luck would have it, look 'who' showed up this morning!


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Laura M

Hey - I have one of these hanging around too.
Sure you don't want to tell us what kind of 'pecker' it is?


Fully vaccinated are you?
This one's a Red Bellied - maybe 10". The Downys are a bit smaller.

Next time I'll get the 'pecker to hold still whilst I place a ruler (calibrated, of course) next to it for a length reference in the photo.

On the other hand, even using the word 'pecker in this thread will ensure this site is forever banned by all 'child protective' and other 'filtering' software. Oh, well!
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