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Pin Gauge Setup - Measuring the OD of a Catheter



i'm using a 0.395mm ping gauge to help measure the OD of a catheter with a profile projector. currently i'm using a v block and some plasticine to help setup the pin gauge and catheter for OD measurement.

May I know is this setup appropriate or is there a better way to setup? Any advice is appreciated.


Re: pin gauge setup

Just a couple of thoughts of things I have ran into from the past:

1. When your pushing the gage pin into the tubing, could the sharp edges from the metal pin be damaging the interior lining of the tube? Does it matter if it does?

2. The tube will expand around the tube, is the material something that can easily be adjusted in size because of the pressure (this may alter your dimensional check).

3. Can you use an OD micrometer to measure the tube's OD instead of a camera (comparator)? The problem with an OD micrometer will be the same as #2, any difference between the pin and the actual ID will translate to the measurement.

I don't know the material your working with and I only have limited experience working with plastic, but these are the concerns I have come across in the past.
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