Plain Plug Gauge Calibration Procedure


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I am looking to start calibrating our plain plug gauges in house. We have gauge blocks and a micrometer (resolution 0.001mm). We have go/no go gauges with a tolerance of 0.2-0.3mm. My thoughts are to measure front middle and back of each gauge at 0, 60 and 120. I will use the micrometer for this and verify each measurement with the gauge blocks. I will also note any damage or scratches on the gauge.

Does this sound appropriate or would anyone have a procedure that I could follow?

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To what standard do your plain plug gauges have to be calibrated? If no national/international standard is applicable, then what are the calibration accuracy requirements?


I'm not sure which standard they have to be calibrated. We have been using external providers which all use BS969:2008.

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If you have certificates from last year's external calibration service provider, they will likely tell what accuracy criteria they compared your plugs to and the measurement method used. That would be a place to start.
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