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Plan to Volvo Cars for capacity verification in Phase 3 of PPAP


Good time of the day, everyone!

I have to propose a plan to Volvo Cars for capacity verification in Phase 3 of PPAPs.
Normally this would mean R@R for 120 hours.

Can anyone share their experience with capacity verification R@R?
If 120 hours were used, then how You managed this? How many people participated from the client side? How many set-ups You performed (more then one part no. produced in my case)?
If 120 hour production is not necesery, then what alternative did You use? (for example, two days R@R)
If so, how did You propose this idea to the customer?

A lot of questions and I hope someone can help me. This is new customer for me and previously we never had capacity verification R@R.

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

Jim Wynne

Super Moderator
Capacity verification and run-at-rate are essentially the same thing. I've never dealt with Volvo so I can't give you particular advice, but you need to speak with your customer about the expectations. It's not clear whether you're a tier-1 or further down the chain, and expectations can vary widely. In dealing with GM, there were times when they didn't send anyone to watch the production run(s), and other times when they took up residence for several days. When in doubt, ask the customer.


A Sea of Statistics
Hi RaiZ,

My experience on both sides of the equation...OEM Adv SQ and PM Tier 1, is that R@R, we used the term Production Demonstration Run or PDR, is:
300 pieces or 2 hrs production run, which is ever larger....hang tight I am checking with my AIAG manual, to verify the "2 hrs production". In addition as others have pointed out when in doubt "always confer with your SQE", as most if not all OEMs have CSR - Customer Specific Requirements which in many cases are refinements of the AIAG requirements.

Suggest that you/your firm gain access to the AIAG APQP and PPAP manuals as they are a great source...hope this helps...


A Sea of Statistics
a bit more insight...depending on one's level of experience in PDR/R@R.....Always ensure the line personnel are those that will be present during "normal production", i.e. do not stack the deck with your "A" team to make a good showing...and this sounds rather obvious...but ensure the facility is ship shape, only production fixturing and tooling are present (in cal) on line...part of the 5S process....etc., etc.,
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