Plant within a Plant - Does anyone currently manage their facility this way?


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Does anyone currently manage their facility this way? We have 2 distinct quality requirements and compensated for the difference by creating a separate stand alone entity. The less critical facility is ISO 9001. The more critical is AS9100.

We are struggling with maintaining the separation. Double the work to track stats about the processes. Double the management review meetings. Double audits. Etc. On top of that due to increasing demand, absenteeism, machine brake downs and meeting delivery dates we have at times utilized our non-AS area to produce parts. FAI was completed.

The question is how do we effectively manage the process flow? What do we need to document the flow down requirements? What do we need to maintain the plant within a plant separation? Do we need 2 separate routers to manage the parts (one for the AS side and one for the ISO side)?

Thoughts and ideas are appreciated...:thanks:


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Do it all as AS9100 but keep the present Scopes as they are. No big deal, I have half a dozen clients doing it that way


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Use AS as the global override. So one set of kpi. One set of mgmt review. Then based on your parts apply the requisite standard - AS for aero and ISO for everything else.
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