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Please help me solve a DOE problem - New Minitab User



Hello All
Is there anyone who can help me solving the problem with DOE?
I am new user of DOE and minitab.

I have a database of roadmarkings like centre yellow line and white edgeline and their reflective number at night time to guide the drivers in dark.

So for a particular road I have
1. Annual daily traffic
2. Time ( months)
3. And degradation number for those reflecteting numbers of those road markings

How can I predict an equation through the database by building a model?

Please any help is appreciated.

I was trying to make a full factorial design ..

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Re: DOE -Minitab New user

To use a DOE approach, you must create the design first, run the experiment exactly per the design, then analyze it. When you have historical data, you cannot try to force fit it into a factorial experiment. You must analyze it differently.

To recommend an appropriate method, we need to know a little more about the degradation number. Is it an objective parameter measured on a continuous interval/ratio scale, or is it a subjective appearance rated on an ordinal scale? The answer to this question will limit the available options.

For example, if it is continuous data you might be able to use regression analysis or degradation analysis (a reliability tool). If it is ordinal, you might use ordinal logistic regression.


Thank you very much for your quick reply.
I really appreciate.

I have a database:
Interstate ADT(avg daily traffic) IRL 1yrRL 2ndyrRL...5thyrRL
I-95 15000-25000 800 750 650 340

I-95 is a highway where average daily traffic is from 15000-25000. The roadmarking or roadsign that were put initially to guide the car/driver at nighttime had IRL(initial retro reflective number) of 800 and the material was polyurea. It can be thermo or paint also. Then an instrument is used and the reading of the roadmarking taken a year later and found 750 and then the later years 650,340...and son on may be upto 7th year.

I developed an exponential degradation model from the database but does not look satisfactory to my BOSS.

Now my goal is to find the cost effectiveness of these materials.

Is there any otherway you can suggest or advice me..

Thank you once again.



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Sorry for the delay in responding. I have been offline for a week.

Given the information that you have provided, I would probably approach it from a reliability degradation analysis. Which distribution you choose depends on the data. I will comment that the exponential distribution is probably an incorrect choice because it is used for random failures. By definition degradation analysis is performed on wearout failure modes. The most flexible distribution for modeling wearout is the Weibull distribution, but other distributions might fit better.


Hi Miner
Is there anyway I can use Minitab to do the weibull distribution? Do you have any example or link ?

Thank you.



Dear Miner
I am attaching an image link to my dataset. Its just a snapshot of the big database.
I am really very new to Minitab. If you could show me the steps how to plug this data for weibull or degradation analysis in Minitab 16?

I really appreciate your help and time .

Thank you very much.



Thank you Miner or your quick reply.

Basically we have 3 material : Polyurea, Thermo, Paint.
This data is for Thermo.
And we have different ADT. The maximum ADT we have is 113000 and the least one we have is 250 ADT. But particularly in this road for thermo the ADT is given in the image.

Thank you again.



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The data raise a lot of questions. The results seem to deteriorate then improve then deteriorate again. This begs some questions:
  1. Was there a measurement methods change or measurement device change?
  2. Is the measurement a single value or the average of multiple measurements?
  3. Have you quantified the measurement variation?
  4. If the measurement is a single value, how much variation is there along a stretch of highway?
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