Please help me with the process of getting ISO certified

John Broomfield

Fully retired...
Hello all,
I am looking for a few solutions for quality management for my business. I run a recreation business in Ontario. I rent rooms, boats and other amenities to the tourist, both inbound and outbound. Currently, I and my team are trying to get our business ISO certified. It is a tiresome process and involves a lot of planning and paperwork. As a part of the process, our team has to choose a quality management software tool to keep a track of everything that is related to our business. But, I like to know which tool is more helpful in getting us an ISO certification. What are the other things we should keep in mind while applying for ISO certification? How can we streamline the whole process without wasting a lot of resources?

Why not seek to understand how your organization already works as a system?

Writing a system of documents around the standard is a waste of time and will undermine your attempts to help our organization to do a better job for its customers and other stakeholders.

Adopting software before you’ve understood how your organization interacts within and with its customers and suppliers also is a mistake.

Understand your system first, then study the standard but never assume nonconformity; seek out what your organization already does to satisfy customer needs and respect that work. You’ll be surprised to what extent your organization already conforms to the standard although your terminology may be different (and that doesn’t matter!).

Drop the software for now until one of your problem solving teams seeks to remove the root causes of a problem and can show that the software will stop its recurrence.

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