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Quality Policy

Could any one of you please review the Quality Policy for TS 16949-Sales Organization.

Doe this meets all elements of 5.3 Also, if you could share your Quality Policy that will be helpful too.

"ABC" is committed to be number one supplier to provide Complete Customer satisfaction by meeting or exceeding customer requirements.

In order to continually improve on-time delivery and verify effectiveness of quality management system, and achievement of quality objectives, we periodically review our Quality Policy in management review to ensure our customer is served with best products and services.

Randy Stewart

Keep it simple

Q-1, Looks good to me. Remember to keep it simple but applicable. You could have a policy statement that could make people cheer and cry but if it's not worth the paper it's printed on, what's the use!!!! If you are using this as a base to start documenting your system, keep checking back to it to ensure your "system" is staying aligned with the statement and vice versus.
Here are some things to watch out for;
How do you measure if you are "exceeding" customer expectations? Sounds good but is it measurable? It may be.

How is the review of the policy helping to improve delivery and verifying the effectiveness of the sytem?

I know it's nitpicky but are these realistic statements, are they quantifiable? Don't get caught up in flowery verbiage, it doesn't impress an auditor it makes them dig deeper to see if it means anything.


I'll have to agree with Randy, here. The Quality Policy can no longer be a nice thing to put on a plaque which is never looked at again. It must be a statement of an achievable goal for the organization.

As such, it will align with the lower level objectives of the divisions, departments, areas, individuals throughout the organization. You should be able to go "bottom-up" and trace individuals' objectives through all the intermediate objectives to an aspect of the Quality Policy.

Best of luck,



Thank you Randy and Collen for a great response. I almost forot the aspect of quantifying the claim that I have in my quality policy.

But the problem is that there are instances when you ship early then what customer needs (within the margin allowed by customer) is that exceeding Customer expectations.

Even if we say that we meet Customer Expectations..its not possible that ALL THE TIME we will be able to meet customer expectations..there are some times when the delivery is late or product may be defective etc etc.

So how should this be addressed. Does one has to have 100% achievement as claimed on Quality Policy?



Our organisation policy is quite similar to what you have mentioned. Its about meeting the expectations of customers.
We do measure it through the Customer Satisfaction Sheet where our customers rate us against the criteria mentioned in it.


Randy Stewart


If you are shipping to one of the B3 you lose points for shipping early, they want it JIT. Believe me OTD means on-time for them!
Using Customer Surveys can be a useful tool, however too many times I have seen where a low score is over looked. No one did anything because that customer is only surveyed once a year or so. Another pit fall with surveys is in cost. I don't know of any customer that will give you good scores when it comes to cost - even if you give it to them for free!!! So be careful how you word the survey and make sure the questions lead to something you can grasp. I suggest that you stay away from the GOOD and SATISFACTORY marks. Too close to really determine what they mean.

Your goal should be 100% OTD and exceeding customer expectation 100% of the time. That's a perfect world and since we know customers don't always know what they want we will not always get there. The trick here is to show how your system works to correct the issue and address problems because we will not always be perfect! It's not the issue of having statements like that in the Policy, it's how the system addresses achieveing the goals.
Hope that helps. Once again, I find nothing wrong with your policy statement, ensure your system aligns with it and you'll be okay.

Randy Stewart

I Agree

Jim, I agree with what you are questioning. What I was trying to put across was the difference between Policy and Goals. I know too much about early and overshipments, yes it makes them mad. Meet and Exceed is a trap, I agree. How do you show it, how do you measure it? We happen to be in the prototype business so we measure development time, FEA match, etc. to show we exceed customer expectation. Most businesses are not conducive to expectations being measurable.
What do you think about this Jim? Ford has a Minority Supplier Development requirement where by suppliers must have a 5 year plan to reach, and maintain, a level of 5% of all purchases being from minority suppliers. Now if I reach that in 1 year have I not exceeded my customers expectation? Ford also requests a 2% reduction in price each year, if I drop it 3% that is exceeding the expectation. These examples are defined in the business plan (documented), monitored and measured (quantifiable) and have a specific objective (goal). May also lead into continuous improvement, etc.


Thank you

Hi Randy and others who responded:

The thing is that the TS is asking under 5.3 -b
"includes a commitment to comply with REQUIREMENTS and continually IMPROVE the EFFECTIVENESS of the quality management system"

If we verify the EFFECTIVENESS of QMS during the IQA and Management Review..will that be sufficient?


Randy Stewart

Don't get tunnel vision!

As some here has stated: Effectiveness = Ability to achieve desired results. You set objectives and put plans in place to achieve them. What auditors find all too often, is that companies use the verbiage but don't know what it means. Correct me if I wrong all you auditors. It is the main reason you hear the shop floor people being asked: a) What is the Quality Policy, b) What does that mean to you, and c) How does your job relate to the Policy?
Try not to restate the requirements in the standard, look at what you do to meet those requirements and put that down. To answer your question; yes it COULD be, the key is how do you do it? Just talking about it isn't enough, remember measurable, quantifiable and sustainable. Also, if you are meeting only once a year I don't think that would be adequate to show a real concern with the health of the system - IMO. :thedeal:


Thank you

Hi Randy:

I respect your suggestion and agree 100%.

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