Please share a Product Audit Checklist for a Wafer Fab


karen Loh


My company is planning to perform a "correct" product audit starting next year.
Why I said "correct" here is because all the while we are just doing a dock audit by checking the reliability results instead of a product audit.
Or maybe I shouldn't even consider that as dock audit either.

Anyway, as to correct this audit methodology, is there anyone can share a product audit checklist for a wafer fab just for reference as I understand that each company has their own way, process flow or methodology to perform audits.

Thanks in advance. :thanx:

Duke Okes

Regardless of where it is in the flow a product audit checklist is simply the particular characteristics to be sampled at a particular location. It could include functional, dimensional, aesthetic, etc. items such as labeling, cleanliness, performance, packaging, etc.


have you tried researching semiconductor quality control or wafer quality control or wafer process control? There will be extensive free information available.

Why do you need this? Maybe we can help you accomplish your objective even though we may not have a template.
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