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PMCF - centers/countries used

What should be included in our answer when asked by the registrar to discuss how the selected countries for PMCF are considered representative of the EU market ?
and who should sign the PMCF?

One can look for the extremes in the variations of practice and population, but is it really serious to be in Lithuania or Bulgaria?
Germany has its advantages:
- ease of mounting a study
- reliability of results
- proximity
- and the interest of setting foot in this country
Concerning the variations of medical practice, we can advance:
- the interveners in the endovascular procedures are more often angiologists (!), or radiologists - whereas in France, mostly surgeons
- more use of simple angioplasty / active balloon - in France, more use of stents ...
Otherwise, quite easily in Sweden, Finland, or ... Romania

Thanks in advance!
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