PMS Competitor Device product data from (MAUDE or TPLC)


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We recently updated our PMS review process and now require competitor product data to gather from (MAUDE or TPLC). We will be summarizing this data by product family. We need atleast one competitor product per family.

Can you provide input on how to look for competitor products per family. Apparently it changes from year to year, so I can verify it with our R&D to see which product would be of our interest this year.

Thank you!


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I apologise if I am missing your question here please say if I have.

Knowing who your competitors are, comes from knowing your market place. I would speak to the sales reps and see who they are coming up against when making sales, competing for tenders. These can then be group appropriately into "families" to compare to your own product groups.

In my industry, we have 3-4 main competitors depending on the region and consider their offerings as part of our PMS process. Their existing and new to market products are considered.


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What changes from year to year? You can search in MAUDE, for example, on the product code and see all the reports against that product code. For example, a bone fixation screw is product code HWC. Plug that into the MAUDE search engine and you get all the reports for all manufacturers in the date range specified.

But I agree with @JoshuaFroud that your market folks ought to know this and be your primary source for this!

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