POA procedure and EASA Form 1 Release


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Can an organisation with a POA procure and release a LRU (received on a CofC) on an EASA Form 1? The source of the LRU is an approved vendor and data is available to check and inspect the part into the Organisation. Effectively it is not the organisations own part number, but the LRU's original part number which is appearing on their Form 1.
Sounds like a basic question !


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I'm not really familiar with production approvals but I thought that if you are approved to make a part (say a seat) you can release it on a Form 1 after you gone through all your processes and testing.

If you buy parts (say a seat roller) to fit to a seat you manufacture, I don't think you get automatically approved to sell the rollers individually and issue a Form 1 for a new part as you are not the manufacturer of that part.

To issue a part individually I see a lot of manufacturers issue a Form 1 with a PMA approval even though it is also fitted to the assembly that they manufacture.

Hope somebody can give you a clearer answer.
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