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Greg Mack

I would like to start a simple information gathering/brainstorming post on policy awareness.

We are a large company with more than 1600 employees. We have several different policies covering ISO, HR, Finance, ITG and Media.

Does anybody have any suggestions or ideas on how we could promote a continuing policy awareness to our employees.

Things such as "policy of the week" and so on.

I would be grateful to hear your comments. :bigwave:


Policy Awareness


How about printing the policy (QS, HR, Safety) on the pay slips when the salary is distributed? This I think will work out well as people are tend to look at their salary slips very carefully. ;)

And maybe posting the policies in the company notice board, circulars (internal) etc.... will be a good idea too!!!

Any other thoughts???



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We use controlled postings in breakrooms and banners throughout the plant. It is also in our monthly newsletter. we also produced a short video as a part of training

Jim Biz

We distribute - laminated - policy cards to each employee - (wallet size) and also explain what and where Policy is posted and documentation can be found during orientation.


Currently every employee is issued a small blue card that contains the policy, objectives and mission of the company. They are issued these badges with their security badges.

Posting information on banners, paystubs, badges and on web sites is fine and goes a long way to show the auditors you are trying to comply. I don't disagree with these methods (I use them now) ... but I'm going to try something different and simple.

I have re-worked our current policy to a few simple words. I have also aligned our quality objectives to directly support this policy to the point that if you can memorize the policy, you know the objectives and if you memorize the objectives, you know the policy. If a person can't remember (and practice) a short phrase in their everyday business life ... maybe its time for them to retire.


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There are also stickers (it is kind of a status symbol here to paste your hardhat full of stickers), laminated pocket calendars, the favorite football (college or pro) schedule, stand at the door and hand out silver dollars to employees that can tell you what the policy is and what it means.

David Mullins

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How about including discussion on them in their performance appraisals/ training assessments.

Inter-department competitions on the "policy o' the month".

What measures do you have relating to each policy that senior & middle managers are assessed and paid against? Nothing wrong with the stick and carrot approach.

If you have a structured strategic plan that links directly to your QMS and performance measurement systems this whole process should flow directly and you don't need to worry about policies, as management does that, creates the plans, miletones, goals, characteristics, measurements and evaluates results and trends. Staff only need to focus on meeting the goals allocated to them rather than ponder the meanings of policies that either haven't changed since 1993 or change every six weeks. Let me know if you need some pointers!

Greg Mack

G'day Dave! :bigwave:

Thanks for the post. I understand what you are saying here but I am referring to different policies than the ones that you are referring to.

We have policies that directly relate to goals/KPI's, and I agree that the focus on those goals rather than the policy is more important to the employee for general business performance.

However, I am also referring to policies such as Information Security policies including things like Mobile Telephone and Internet Policies. Or then there is Finance policies such as Employee Salary Advances or Petty Cash. Even benefits for employees such as Frequent Flyer Programs and Motor Vehicle Policies.

A lot of these do not need goals attached for everyone to monitor but rather a general awareness is more suited here. We are dealing with around 2000 employees Globally so I imagine it is a little different than most of those who post here are familiar with.

The comments generated by all so far contain some great ideas which can be brainstormed even further. Keep 'em coming.:D

David Mullins


Now that I'm clearer on the degree of info you've got at policy level:

Things I've used before include:

A matrix for each department/location which provide policies that apply and personnel. This can be a computer record, kept in a folder, or on a board as a visual management tool. Simply sign-off/date the intersecting box when awareness/understanding/competence (depending on your needs) has been achieved/confirmed.

A Training Record which reflects all appropriate policies & when awareness has been achieved. This is a permanent record and is simply checked off (& dated) for each policy. You/they can work at there own pace. Awarensss achievement % for individuals and dept can be determined, etc, etc. Your HR people might be in on something like this. Banks use this type of record electronically, and get staff to run through a test at regular intervals to make sure competencies are mantained.

Greg Mack

Dave, what do you do now to ensure your employees are aware of the policies or are the only ones you have currently reflected in the Goals of the organisation/employees?

Thanks for the reply and your ideas. They have all helped a lot. We will be looking to have a brainstorming session by the end of next week. I will share the outcomes with this post. Hopefully someone else might get something out of it as well.

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