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Captain Nice
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Look, tarheels - I think you just want to carry on just to carry on. I don't think you feel welcome here and I think you expect too much. You imply there can be 'consistent' moderation. There will be differences. Live with it.

Joe Cruse

Mopar or No Car

I've had a post or two deleted off myself. I had absolutely no problem with it happening. I'm a small $ Contributor here, but this site does not belong to me, it belongs to Marc, who has a HUGE investment in it in years and money. This is his place, and his rules apply. He and the other moderators are human beings, and are by definition, not perfect. Maybe there is sometimes a bit of inconsitancy in the moderation, but I think they do great, overall.

Marc has asked, time and again, to keep politics and religion out of the threads, even the off topic sections. He has that right, as sole owner of this site. The internet is NOT a place where "constitutionally guaranteed" rights hold sway, and so we don't have the right to discuss whatever we wish, when on a private site. I have been around here when political/religious toned posts were let go, and it coud get a little rough. Marc didn't keep this site open with this much participation by letting the site denigrate into something like that. There are plenty of other boards that one can go to for that. I visit a great MS Access board with an OT section. The political/religious threads are pretty grueling, and the biggest posters there don't really contribute much out on the main boards, much of the time. Great way for a site to implode.

As I noted, a couple of my own posts were zapped because of the tone. I should have used my head and not started posts like those, innocent as the intent was. Those subjects are not welcome here, and I must abide by that if I want to remain. I do want to remain, so I try to abide by that. If I get sick of the rules, or believe moderation is too inconsistant, I can exercise my right not to come here. I personally love it here, and am fine with the way things are run.

I also failed to see any reason for your post to Al Rosen. He simply made a short statement of reasons for thread termination.
Hey guys, I've even had stuff deleted, received a mild nasty-gram or 2 and accused of being one of the "Dominator's" or big "Bugga-boo's" in here, hijacking threads and being downright mean and nasty. It's no big deal. It sure isn't personal and there's no reason to get traumatized and have a Pentacostal fit....OOPS! Religion reference:mybad:

Now, back to West Wing on Bravo...................

Bill Pflanz

Randy said:
Now, back to West Wing on Bravo...................
I assume you were being funny with this comment. You do not seem the type to be a West Wing fan. I apologize in advance if this comment has offended anyone.

On the other issue of the moderators inappropriately deleting threads, Marc owns the board and is free to ask a moderator to step down if that is happening. In effect, the moderator either removes the political or religious comments per Marc's rules or Marc corrects or removes the moderator if not done correctly.

Personally, I think the moderators do a good job of keeping discussions on track, separating them as needed and controlling unwanted postings. :applause: What has to be tough is participating in a discussion when you are both the moderator and want to be a contributor. Maybe that is where the problems occur.

BilL Pflanz


Captain Nice
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I really don't think the detetion of threads is a problem here, folks. This thread is making it sound as if it's a common occurrance and it is not.


Are there political forums?

Does the cove recommend any political forums for those members to be directed to? That way we can just show a link to a political forum. I haven't found any decent political forums on the web yet. Don't dare mention Ya$, there's is about worthless with all the botting. As far as deletions, I don't feel its a problem here.


Captain Nice
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Let's do this - I have another forum software sorta set up that I was testing a while back. I can activate it over the weekend. Since it's separate from THIS forum, maybe we can consider someplace to address these issues. I'd prefer not to have religious or political links (and discussion we all know will ensue) in this forum.

Let's keep this forum for business.
Bill Pflanz said:
I assume you were being funny with this comment. You do not seem the type to be a West Wing fan.
BilL Pflanz
Have loved and enjoyed it from Day 1. The characters have become almost family members. I watch re-runs every morning on Bravo while at my desk. Some episodes, like the Korean War veteran who died homeless and was buried in Arlington were brilliant in their feeling. Judi and I have actually watched episodes at the same time while I was in another city while talking on the phone. The last couple of seasons have gone flat, but it's still a good series. The loss of John Spencer was a shock, especially since his character had recovered from a heart attack...Who would ever had thought of that coincidence?

:topic: from subject folks, I apologize.

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