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Political Posts - Political Posts are NOT Allowed - A Brief Discussion

  • Thread starter tarheels4 - 2007
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Marc said:
I really don't think the detetion of threads is a problem here, folks. This thread is making it sound as if it's a common occurrance and it is not.
Good point. It is most certainly not.

In fact, most of our time is spent answering questions and taking part in discussions. As forums go, this is a very calm haven to be a moderator in.



Fellow Wingnut

Sorry for continuing Randy's slightly :topic: point, but I’ve also been a West Wing junkie from the start. Amazing writing and ensemble acting, and a great way for us foreign folks to learn about how your political system works over there.

The bit where I got hooked was at the end of Episode 1, where there's a heated argument going on between some religious activists and the White House Senior Staffers about the ten commandments.

Someone asks "So what IS the first commandment?" and before anyone in the room can answer, President Bartlet storms into the room (on a sprained ankle) and proclaims "I am the Lord, your God. Thou shall worship no other God before me! Boy, those were the days, huh?". The best entrance by a TV character I can remember.

We're a series behind in the UK, but I think after the slight lull in Series 5 (after Sorkin left) series 6 (which ends with Leo becoming Santos' running mate) really found its feet toward the end. I’ve got all 6 series released so far on DVD - it’s even better watching without commercials. I haven't yet seen any of series 7 (the current series being shown in the US), but it's both sad and understandable that it will be the last. I always hoped for a movie, but with the sad loss of John Spencer (one of America’s finest character actors) I'm not so sure...

Going back on topic, I haven't been on here long enough to have an opinion on most of what's being said in this thread, but I will say that IMHO this is a fantastic forum, it's totally understandable and sensible that we don't delve into political discussion, and we're all grown up enough to know when we're crossing the line. I don't see this as a big problem, and if I had a post deleted I would feel more embarrassed for causing the problem, rather than angry.

Keep up the good work everyone. :agree1:
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