Polypropylene Packaging for Food items



I own a small restaurant in front of my house “Hot&Spicy”, we are going to bring our service at your foot step through home delivery (recommended by our customer). Our website is not live now, but it will be activated within weeks. Everything is set but needed some advice regarding the package. How about using Polypropylene? Is it biodegradable? Healthy? Your suggestions are welcomed.


Polypropylene is certainly not biodegradable (it litters the oceans). I do not know where you are based, but look at what local food packaging companies are supplying – that is biodegradable. For example I found this UK supplier and its sustainable products:

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Thank you SteveK.
But I don't think it is good to use paper boxes for long distance food delivery. I have found out recycled packaging materials like polyethylene for packaging. How about thermoforms packaging? Is it cost efficient?
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