Port city Visakhapatnam (Vizag) devastated in the cyclone Hudhud (INDIA)

Visakhapatnam city on the east coat of India took the brunt of the cyclone Hudhud on Sunday 12th Oct. The city is devastated and power, telecom, fuel, essential commodities, flights, trains and road transport badly effected. Countless trees have been uprooted and the greenary of Vizag will take a long time to surface again.
The airport has been ripped off the roof and is in total shambles.
Prime Minister Modi visited Vizag today to personally review the situation and relief measures.
I was to travel to this lovely city this week and my plans are cancelled.
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While I am saddened to read this, I am also disappointed that this is the first I've heard of it. Of the numerous various news sources I use, not one has reported this.

Hope none of your family / friends / colleagues in that area were severely affected.


There was an article in the Boston Globe today and a photo of the damage to the ships. So sad about the loss of life (24 people).


I too, haven't heard anything of this. With many "news" correspondents around, I fear that the editors felt that this was a non-news worthy story. Thanks, for letting us know. I hope that no one that is close to you were hurt in the storm.
All my contacts and associates have been effected one way or other, though no loss of life or serious injury. They had taken precautions. Forth day today, and no power restored. Water supply hence effected. All the power cables, transformers, telecom lines, poles fallen to ground. All Building pipe lines(water and sanitary) layed outside to walls have been smashed. Low laying areas have been flooded. Almost all houses have their window glass shattered. There is no through way for motor vehicle as all roads have trees fallen over.
I have been speaking to few of my contacts, as the cellular connections are slowing coming live.

Status Oct 20, Monday:
No power supply restored to Industries yet.
First preference has been to Houses and Shops, Establishments. They too have been only partially restored, and only for few hours. Airport few flights operational. Trains partial restored and many trains rerouted. Roads are opened up and all the fallen trees drying up. Day temperatures have gone suddenly higher than normal.
City once green is looking devastated and there will be no Diwali celebrations in Viskhapatnam city which is in this week. I can gauge the extent of hardship there when I talk with my associates.
Rough estimated losses in this cyclone = 11.5 Billion USD
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