PO's & EDI, for the life of the part



We are a manufacturer for the heavy truck industry. We receive many PO's through EDI transmission. These PO's have a qty, need date and part number. The information on them is very limited. Under record retention, will I be required to keep these for the life of the part + 1 year? I do not see this as a value added step, or something the customer would be willing to pay for. Any insight would be helpful (some products may be for 20+ years)


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First of all, I want to apologise for not adressing this in some manner - seeing as it was posted on 3/22. I generally try to give some type of answer, but this forum has 'slipped by me'.

Any way.... The bottom line here is that the new QS requires POs be kept for the life of the part. The question is whether EDI transmissions from your customer to you are purchase orders. My reading says they are not. I consider EDI transactions to be scheduling documents derived from the original customer PO.

How about you other folks? Other opinions or, especially, direct experience from anyone else?
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