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Posting Job Openings - Read Me Please - 27 January 2019


Captain Nice
Staff member
  1. Posted jobs are deleted about every 2 months unless otherwise requested.
  2. How much, or how little information you put in, is, obviously, up to you.
    Please remember that people reading your posted opening will see it in context the of your expected resume criteria/content.
  3. Please put in an email address for interested parties to contact you, or Contact Us to get a "live link" put in the opening post after you have posted the position, requirements, etc.
  4. Please do NOT ask people to contact you using the "Conversation" (Personal Messaging) system here. People who have posted less than 6 posts will not be able to "Start a Conversation" with you.
  5. You will probably not have enough posts to put in a live URL link if you want to point to a company employment web page (for example). If you would like a live URL link in your post, please Contact Us and we'll be happy to put in a "live" link for you.
  6. Free - No charge for posting a job opening here.

Interested Parties / Applicants:

Please do not ask questions about a job opening here by replying to a posted job opening. In the past we have found it best to contact the person who posts a job directly.​
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