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Hello greeting everyone.
Reading a manual for PFMEA (automotive ) Ford's to be more accurate, I found a couple of statements that I find conflicting with each other, under the potential cause(s) of failure section the manual says that to better identify them we should make 2 assumptions:

Assumption 1, quote:

"Assumption 1: Incoming parts/materials to the operation are correct"
which is pretty standard with what most people think of when developing a process FMEA, I think.

then assumption 2, quote:
"Assumption 2: Consider incoming sources of variation. Incoming sources of variability may include, for example, outside purchased parts/material, or parts/material from a prior operation."

Has anyone read this or had to work with this?

Do you think it's a contradiction ?



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Hello, just what I think, suppose you are assembling a part A with the spec : 10+/-0.1 mm, for example.
quote 1: you don't need to think that the component is 9 or 11mm.
quote 2: you need to think that a specific part A may be 9.9 or 10.1.

Ron Rompen

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Ed-Zhang has (IMHO) the correct interpretation. Assume that the incoming material is correct to the requirement, but then consider how the (within requirement) variation of this material could affect the process or product.
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