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Potential Failure Mode Definition and How to identify Failure Modes?



Re: Potential Failure Mode Definition

To me this is the same debate as "preventive corrective action". This is confusing because we try to apply rational limits to "potential" and "preventive" within reason. On any scale one person's 8 is anothers 9. It is really a subjective issue, and I empathize with people that want some rules or scoping so these words don't imply in some type of infinitesimal, non productive, nor realistic strife for quality.:)


Re: Please Define Potential Failure Mode

New reader/poster here, and also new to PFMEA. Currently involved in one at work and having a hard time making the Failure Mode/Effect/Cause distinction. However after reading this thread it has become somewhat clearer. Now to convince the rest of team.
Thanks for your informative posts!!


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Re: Please Define Potential Failure Mode

Welcome RLaw,

Glad that you found this place useful. Do come back if you have other queries.

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