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About four or five months ago, someone had a very nice Powerpoint presentation on ISO 9000:2000. Is this still available?
I would greatly appreciate someone e-mailing it to me or telling me where I can find it. Thanks,

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I believe the main body of powerpoint presentations were moved to the members or premium members access sections. With either membership option you (IMHO) cannot go wrong for the value of what you will receive, so I would strongly suggest you check out the options available.

Otherwise, you may have some luck by using the 'Search' tool provided if the file was attached to a post. I encourage everyone to do their own research, because you usually will stumble accross a few other goldmines of info along the way. If Marc has any specific info on the file you are looking for, I'm sure he will chime in when his time allows, so please keep checking back if you haven't set the user cp option to e-mail you when a response is provided to a thread you start.


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I was speaking with Eric Britt of Anaren Microwave a few years back and he showed me a document. I asked where he got it? He said "From your site. Don't you recognize it?" I told him there are so many files here that I wasn't sure what all was here. A lot of people have contributed a lot of files over the years.

The situation hasn't really changed except as noted - all the 'free' data files were moved to 'Subscription Access' directories this year. Most of the pdf versions ar still in the 'free' directory. This is all explained at https://elsmar.com/Forums/showthrea...ar Cove - Contribution Access - What and Why? where there are links to the file lists of all the files in each as well.

To be honest, there are so many powerpoint presentations I can only guess that we're talking about a "What is ISO 9001:2000" presentation here.

I *think* someone posted one as an attachment to a post in a thread but I'm not sure. I don't track files posted as attachments. I typically see them when they're posted, but I don't keep a list of them or anything.

Maybe one of the others can remember the thread it was posted in.

If you have an exact file name (or very close), I can find it for you. :thedeal:
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