PPAP 3rd Ed. Typo - Page 7, Section I. (Acceptance Criteria for Initial Study)


Spaceman Spiff

Just received a letter from AIAG stating that there is a typo on Page 7, Section I. (Acceptance Criteria for Initial Study). When I called AIAG to request a corrected copy they said that there is no corrected manual available. So, I ask that when it comes out, would I receive a copy free of charge... and they said no. I guess there is no warranty on these manuals, huh! Just thought it is a bit ironic and humorous.


Fully vaccinated are you?
You expected them to provide defect free product, didn't you!

What's the typo?

Spaceman Spiff

Silly me! The typo is the manual currently states "1.33 >= (Index Value) >= 1.67" where as it should be "1.33 <= (Index Value) <= 1.67).

chuy sanchez

Can you tell us what is the "basic" changes of the 2nd vs. 3th edition ?
i made my p.o. for this book but is dificult to get it soon ( México ).
thanks for you help ...

Howard Atkins

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This is what AIAG says about PPAP 3rd edition.

PPAP-3 . . . Production Part Approval Process (PPAP Third Edition)
This manual is a requirement for production parts suppliers to DaimlerChrysler, Ford and General Motors. The Third Edition incorporates a number of revisions, which include:

1)Use of “auditable” language and a format consistent with QS-9000 Third Edition to support third party audit;
2) A reordering of the PPAP requirements aligned with the typical process flow;
3) Revision of “Preliminary Process Capability Requirements,” now called “Initial Process Studies,” to provide for the use of either Cpk or Ppk, depending on the amount and type of data available, consistent with the Statistical Process Control,SPC, reference manual;
4) Clarification of when customer notification and/or submission is required;
5) Incorporation of IASG Sanctioned Interpretations specific to PPAP;
6) Requirements for bulk material (see Bulk Material-Specific Appendix);
7) A Heavy Truck Manufacturer-Specific Appendix;
8) An enhanced glossary
The PPAP Third Edition may be used immediately upon its release.

John B.

Some of the advantages to the PPAP third addition are:

1) The option to have the customer to waive the retention of master samples, stock sitting on the shelf is a waste of money. However, get it in writing!
2) The ability to make changes to your program or processes that cause a bottle-neck or are found to be non value added, without having to get the customers approval. This is providing the product quality does not decrease and or it’s not a specific customer requirement.
3) It’s now much easier to read, finally makes sense, and some of the items are actually clarified. This is a great help when your QS auditor attempts to give his/her interpretation of the PPAP requirements.
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