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PPAP 4th edition or VDA - VW Requirements



Tell me please when my customer VW requires from me PPAP acc. to VDA but my internal rull is to have PPAP acc to PPAP 4th edition from my suppliers, it is acceptable for the customer. I do not find any information that each tier2, tier 3 etc supplier has to submit PPAP acc to VDA.

Howard Atkins

Forum Administrator
Staff member
Ask your customer.

There is no real difference expect that VDA does not demand so many pieces of paper.
The main difference is the warrant.


Starting to get Involved
Unfortuantelly , IT IS PROBLEM , .. you are not transfering VW requirement into your supplier chain. .. Check FORMEL Q Konkret, where is clearly stated that you as tier 1. suplier are obliged to supply also PPF (not ppap) from your suppliers according to VDA 2 .. See page 10 for detail information .Especially if you are producing parts with significant characteristics , you can be sure than in case of complaint or vehicle recall you will be responsible for everything due to not following the rules.:nope:.. If you are producing for VW you should change your internal procedures and your quality manuals for your suppliers ,where you should add a clause about Formel Q requirements.
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