PPAP and the need to re-submit - Engineering change to a single component part


Bill Smith

We are in the midst of a discussion with our engineering department about the need to re-submit after an eng. change to a single component part if the change does not functionally or dimensionally affect the already "Approved-PSW'd" assembly.

The two trains of thought are:

1.There is no need to re-submit since the assembly is not affected.

2.We must re-submit reguardless of the impact on the final assembly since the change invalidates to approval of both the single component and assembly.

Please let me know what the opinions are.

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Damn - Wish you had been in my class this morning. You would have gotten an ear full. Much more than I can write here...

See page 2 of the PPAP manual for a starting point. Which says fit/form/function is not particularly a reason for PPAP - more of a reason for an engineering change which a PPAP (partial or fuill) may be (will be) required. PPAP resubmission may be based on capability or other questions.

Your best thing here is to keep a close relationship with your customer's supplier QA activity and use common sense. Example: Movement of a piece of processs machinery can trigger a partial or full (only your customer can dictate what) PPAP. But - I have seen cases where it was shown thru a documented study that movement of the equipment did not affect capability or any other element so for that piece of equipment in that company they did not address equipment moves.

Common sense and a close relationship with your customer's supplier QA activity is necessary. Remember that you do not decide what to PPAP (full or partial or not at all). And, as pointed out above, reading page 2 of the PPAP manual suggests that if your operator gets up on the wrong side of bed you have to re-PPAP. Not true.

If I was doing an Enginering Change I'd touch base with the customer contact, maybe fax a copy of the proposed change and get feedback on whether or not they want anything from you. Then, even if it's just a reply in a telecon, I'd document the response to teh details - including whom and TIME OF DAY of the telecon... Getting paper out of the b3 is like pulling teeth.
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