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PPAP applicability - Supply molds to a Tier 1 supplier to GM


Roger Eastin

I work for a company that supplies molds to a Tier 1 supplier to GM (as well the other 2 of the Big 3). Although these molds are not production materials (mentioned in the definition of a "qualified" subcontractor to a supplier of the Big 3), are we still required to have a subcontractor PPAP procedure for our Tier 1 supplier? This is mentioned as a requirment for GM (for subcontractors as defined in the QS9K 3rd edition glossary).


Captain Nice
Staff member
Your responsibility is to your direct customer - not who they sell to. BUT - your customer can require this of you.

Have you checked out the Tooling and Equipment Suppliers 'manual'?

What has your customer said to you (requested)?

Kelly Speiser

PPAP requirements for Tier 2, 3, . . . are puzzling to me as well.

I have a client wishing to get into the automotive business (I've asked him why in heavens would he want this). Technically, he would need QS9000 first. Can't get Qs without having done PPAP process, ASN's etc. Oi vay.

Any rule of thumb would be helpful.


Captain Nice
Staff member
Does anyone know what the current (October 2005) status of the requirement is for mold / die suppliers?
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