PPAP differences between TS16949 and VDA


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Basically we have always based our PPAP on the AIAG automotive system and formats. We are now increasingly being told of a switch towards the German system. Now that has happened and we are in the process of APQP with a need to update our knowledge of VDA style of PPAPs.

Any pointers, templates, advice or information on the differences? Really new to VDA. We have always worked to the American system right back to QS9000 but it feels like there has been a shift because of VW being active. Or at least that is what our Tier 1 customer is indicating. It would be an easy world if we just carried on with the documents we already have without needing to change the format or the process but I suspect nothing is that easy!!

Appreciate any help.


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I would be interested in what you might learn as well. We have been audited to the VDA standard by one of our customers, but they have not asked us to change our PPAP process in any way. Our process is still based on AIAG.
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