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Hello Everybody,
we produce electronic products using a lot of electronics catalog parts (and designed ones), we are tier1 or 2 for car/truck manufacturer (automotive IATF). Since it is very hard to get PPAP (just PSW) from big producers or distributors I would like to go deeply in detail
PPAP AIAG manual I read:

PPAP shall apply to internal and external organization sites (see Glossary) supplying production parts, service parts, production materials, or bulk materials. For bulk materials, PPAP is not required unless specified by the authorized customer representative.

An organization supplying standard catalog production or service parts shall comply with PPAP unless formally waived by the authorized customer representative.

I have a doubt
the authorized customer reprsentative is my customer or it's me since I'm the customer of my suppliers? I cannot see the "customer" reference


Ron Rompen

Trusted Information Resource
The 'authorized customer representative' is the person who would receive the PPAP; i.e. YOUR customer.

Although you can waive anything that you wish, it is your customer who determines what THEY want and expect.

Hope this clears it up for you.
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