PPAP for packaging? Does anyone else require this?



My company is in the automotive business and we manufacture parts that go into chipboard boxes and corrugated cartons. We have decided to include these items in our PPAP requirements from our suppliers. Does anyone else require this? If so, I am looking for information on what your company expects as far as sample size and how you inspect the PPAP samples you receive.

Are we going too far with expecting packaging to be PPAP'd also?

Howard Atkins

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If the packagaging is important to the product and it is reasonable to say it is then it is reasonable.
QS expects you to use some form of PPAP for suppliers.
Yoy do not need to use the complete PPAP document requirements and this depends on your supplier, but you are alaso expected to develope him, so if he does not know how to do this you should help him.
I would expect as a minimum dimensional reports. Control plan and FMEA to have been done .
Are there any critical characteristics, in performance for example, crush point etc, then a capability study.
As to samples you need enough to test them functionally and approve them, uf you want to do destructive testing etc.
Some 10 parts would seem adequate.
Approval is if the are fit for use.
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