PPAP for Spare Parts - Low Volume - Occasional Production


Peter Kraft

:bonk: We are going to close a manufacturing plant and transferring all the parts which have been produced there to another location.
It is clear that for the serial parts PPAP must be done.
Anyway, there are about 60 part # of spare parts.
Is it necessary to "PPAP" spare parts as well? Sometimes we do not deliver spare parts during one year that would mean, that we have to PPAP them almost with every delivery.

Additionally, depending on the quantity ordered by the customer, spare parts will be produced on one line or on another.

So, what have we to do with the spare parts?????

A. Stuart Dyer

I think the prudent thing to do is start with your customer rep. and ask what they require. I suspect you will probably have to re-submit a warrant and update your PPAP/APQP package.

More than likely they won't want all the info other than the warrant, but the other ifno needs to be on file since there really was a process changes per PPAP requirements.



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I know this is an old thread, but out of curiosity has anyone run into this and if so what's the scoop?


The fortunate thing with TS is that you have a lot more leeway here. The ultimate question would be: What does the customer require? If the customer want's a full PPAP, then that is what you will have to do. If the customer wants a Level 1 PSW, then that is what you will have to do.

That is if you still want to deliver parts to that customer.


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My clients have been involved in 2 similar situations in the last 18 months.
In one case the customer insisted on full PPAP, no exceptions, etc.; in
the other, a different customer allowed a "blanket" changeover where
full PPAP's were done on several representative part numbers and they
waived the balance of the PPAP's.

I think, though, that customers in general (at least the Big 3 and the big
Tier 1's) are less likely to grant waivers. At the same time, more and more
suppliers are quoting service charges ($1,000 seems to be a common figure)
for doing the PPAP. This started with the fastener industry but is now spreading. I'm all for this; it allows the customer to choose, and
pay the freight for their choice.



Note 2 on front page says "A customer can formally waive PPAP requirements for a supplier. Waivers for applicable itmes will be documented by the customer"

I went through a very similar situation as this a few months ago.

We approached it as first of all asking customer if they required PPAP and if so what level, the ideal level being 1 which is warrant only !
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