PPAP from Raw Material Supplier - What should we ask for?


Luis Alves


When a PPAP is request to a raw material supplier, which should be our

Tanks in advance

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Howard Atkins

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I have never requested a PPAP from a raw material supplier, my customers have always been satisfied with a COA from the supplier. Very often the material is specified on the drawing including the supplier and in this case I do not believe it is neccesary.
If you want PPAP then he should supply the same documentation as you would in a normal PPAP.


Luis Alves

The main concern for me is that what should be the quantity that I should request and what functional and laboratory test that I should demand.
We made metallic parts for automotive industry and so the main raw material use by us is obviously steel, can I accept laboratory tests made by the supplier or I should demand tests made in a certified laboratory.


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The problem of tests that you demand from the supplier or from a certified laboratory is a function of who your supplier is and if his laboratory is up to standard. I beleive that if you do not trust your supplier then you should not buy from them. Has your supplier certification to any quality standards? Have you audited his site? We have supplied parts to the auto industry with metal inserts and the suppliers COA has been accepted. I work in plastics and buy from the major players, GEP, Bayer, Basf etc, I trust their laboratories and have never had any problems with my customers.
If you have any doubts I suggest that you talk with your SQA and check with him, this though could be a trick question and if you ask he will say "of course".


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This is an old thread I was looking at. It's been several years since the thread was started.

Are companies asking for PPAPs from raw material suppliers today?

Geoff Cotton

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Hi Marc,

Long time no speak.....

We ask raw material suppliers for PPAP.

If they are a "potential" new supplier, or if it an existing supplier and they are going to supply something outside their normal scope.
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