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We are a stamper of metal parts for the automotive industry. I have had a couple of customer in the past month state we need to PPAP teach press the tool may run in. We have always PPAPed the tool not the press. The press is controlled by the setting setup sheet. We have 28 presses and over 300 tools that results in tools not running in the same press each time. We can go up and down press tonnage as well depending the part. are not always ran in the same press. Out IATF auditor has never found issue with this explanation. I am curious what other have found dealing with this situation.


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The keys of this situation is the control plan , refer to the APQP & Q plan format ; each control plan should reflect each production line ; all alternatives of tools , presses & relevant setting of each one—the control plans should reflect also the relevant PFMEA & CSR

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I had much the same experience when I worked in stamping. In general, I would submit my PPAP and include all potential press tonnages in the SUBMISSION RESULTS area, under Mold/Cavity/Production Process. I agree that, in general, it should not make a significant difference which press you run it in, however that is not always true. For example, the decoiler you use (presuming you are using coiled steel) has a large impact on the final flatness of your stamped part. I would recommend doing a few comparitive studies across presses, just to be sure that you are correct.


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I agree with Ron, and my experience has been that as long as you use a press with the same or higher tonnage, you are okay, but a lower tonnage press may not provide the same results.

Moving to the PPAP requirements, equipment is only mentioned twice. One is for upgrading or moving the equipment, the other for transferring equipment to another location. Neither of these apply. Check your CSRs to see whether your customer has additional requirements. It sounds like these customer either have additional requirements, or do not understand their own requirements and are reacting on impulse.

PPAP machine VS tool
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