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Hi Can anyone please comment on a sticking point we have, we need to close out a query that we have as we are under the opinion that a component from a supplier on a PPAP submission has to have a material certificate to be less than one year old to gain full approval
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Hi, where has the opinion come from? The issues over material certifications are wide and varied.
What material is the component made from? If it's perishable, or subject to material changes due to temperature, humidity, storage etc. then you need to discuss with your supplier as to what material specifications underlie the material itself, and if the material has a shelf life.

For example, a coil of steel could be used to make many small batches of the same component over a vast period of time.

Remember that if annual revalidation is required, you could be having the same material certificate for years to come.


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Agree with Uncle Fester, regarding the coil of steel. We have had that same scenario at our facility and have advised our customer that the material used is older than a year. I typically explain to them that their EAU was very low and if they want a certificate within a year then they simply just need to order more parts.:D


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Under normal PPAP circumstances where the material is used heavily, yes you should supply a material certificate that is less then a year old and some/most Customer prefer it.
Under odd circumstances-not necessarily for PPAP, we have a minimum material buy, the Customer orders are small and the material could last longer then a year, we supply the Customer with the material cert, a letter from the Material supplier on the life cycle of the material under proper storage condition and then it is up to the Customer if they want to purchase the parts.
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