PPAP par. Any authorized Engineering change documents



Dear vaanhb & others,
Para. states; "The supplier shall have any authorized engineering change documents not yet recorded in the design record but incorporated in the product, part or tooling." If, in your mfg. environment, when it's time to PPAP there are no issues with the drawing or the part, then there is no problem. In my little corner of the world, sometimes changes to the part, process or tooling occur, with the approval of the customer, however this change has not yet been incorporated in the drawing. There must be a way to document this change and include it in the PPAP package. Many of my customers have there own forms for this, ie; Supplier Process Change Request/Reply, or Supplier Request for Engineering Approval. Sometimes forms are not available or the customer will simply "mark-up" a drawing and initial and date the change. There is a line on the Part Submission Warrant for this. See pg. 52, Appendix A, #5. When applicable, I usually put the customer assigned form # here, or if no form available, a note with a brief discription of the approved change. I must stress here, that these are APPROVED changes by the CUSTOMER proir to PPAP. As long as they are aware and have approved then they can direct you how to handle it as far as documentation.
Hope this has been of some help.
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