PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) Submission Level Differences - Forms attached



Hopefully you guys can help (once again)
We have ben asked for a level 2 PPAP from our customer
We are an importer/Distributer
Unfortunately, all i can find regarding a level 2 PPAP is that it is a
"warrant with product samples and limited supporting data submitted to customer"
any help on what data or documents have to be provided?
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We are an importer/Distributer
How can you PPAP if you do not manufacture/assemble? Do you package, or in anyway change the product? Or do you just house and ship?

We have ben asked for a level 2 PPAP from our customer
I would ask your customer just exactly what they want. The last distributor I worked with was required to show evidence of PPAPs from their suppliers. This might be what your customer wants.


level 2

We may repackage the items at most
we can get the documentation from the manufacturers that we would need, but have no idea exactly WHICH documentaion is required for a level 2, We know what we need to ask for for a level 3 but not level 2.
as there are 20 or 30 different parts (all fasteners) we may be required to request the documents from more than one manufacturer, some we can just say that we need them to a level 2 PPAP and all is fine and otheres we will have to tell them exactly which documents we would require (as a standard we get mill test reports , and do our own dimensional and hardnes testing to ensure conformity to the apprrpriate DIN-ISO standard)

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As Dave said, you need to ask your customer EXACTLY what is required for a level 2 submission (level 4, as well). In the past (because my Sales guys aren't that sharp as to what should be asked) I have sent my SQE a "PPAP checklist" comprised of the 19 items in Table I.4.1. and asked them to check what was required and SIGN IT (there have been a couple of times that I've actually called back and said I was including an item they hadn't checked that I thought should be included:rolleyes: )

If that doesn't work for you, I don't think you would ever "get in trouble" for just submitting the full level 3 (been there too).

Hope this helps you out.


PPAP level

All PPAP levels require the same documentation. The difference lies solely in what is required to be sent to the customer. What isn't sent is to be retained by the supplier.

Typically, design records, Engineering change documents, dimensional results, material performance test reports, laboratort documentation, part submission warrant and a sample product are sent with level 2 submissions. The rest of the documentation is still required to be retained by the supplier.

Even a level 5 PPAP (which normally has no submission requirements) still carries the requirement of retention by the supplier.

As the requirement is specific to the SUPPLIER, it is incumbant on you to obtain from your supplier, and retain in your records, any documentation they provide for the PPAP.


Link Xue

Delivery Level

Can anybody tell me the differences between the level 1 to 5?
It seems can't be simply deemed as from the lowest requirement to the highest requirement.

Any help is appreciatecd.
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