PPAP under TS16949: any changes from QS?


Chris Kierans

First of all this is my first posting to this forum, so forgive me if my question was answered earlier. Please point me in the right direction if this is so...

My firm is still under QS but will likely apply for registration under TS16949. We are currently improving our PPAP files and I wanted to jump the gun and kill 2 birds by making them compliant to both standards, if that is possible. Does anyone know if PPAP 3rd edition is going to be any different under TS? Any help appreciated. Regards, Chris Kierans, Toronto, Canada

Al Dyer

I can't see them changing anytime soon and havn't heard any rumblings. TS is not really that different than QS. I have found that if you have a sound QS system the change will be reletively painless.

As always, customer requirements rule.


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Howard Atkins

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Admin in TS " the supplier shall comply with a product and process approval procedure recognized by the customer"
As I understand this where you have to submit PPAP then PPAP ed 3 is as it was.
If you submit as per VDA then as per VDA.

khanhphan - 2005

Where can I receive PPAP, APQP, FMEA, MSA Standards?

Hi Marc,

I am QMR of our company. our company are establishing QMS follow TS 16949:2002. I want to seek related standards such as APQP, PPAP, FMEA, MSA, six sigmar documents. can you share information with me?

Thanks, Best regards,

Khanh Phan

Howard Atkins

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Welcome to the cove

If you want copies of the documents then you need to buy them from AIAG
If you want information then each of these topics has a forum. Search these for information, there are also guides here http://elsmar.com/pdf_files/

Try and study some of this information and then come back with specific questions
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