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I downloaded the excel PPAPALL file. It's great! I just have one question. I am working on a non-destructive gage R&R and there are two cells that are protected, the part name and number. I am unable to change the protection because I do not have the password. Does anyone know the password?

Howard Atkins

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I am afraid that I just received the file from Delphi and do not know the password.
Try copy the whole sheet to a new book, this might remove the protection.

Laura M

I'm not an expert by any means, but stumbled across a macro that referred to the password as "password" It would take a better hacker than me to get any farther than that!
It worked on one sheet, not on another. The fields you are trying to change are probably linked to the PSW - Part submission warrant. Type it in there. If you don't need the other worksheets for what you are doing, just delete them and keep the one you need and the PSW.

It is a great file - thanks Howard.
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