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Teri - 2011

We had a 2 day preassessment audit this week ( 2 auditors ).
Things went well with 1 major finding.

Training / competency

We defined production employees competency well, however we did not address other positions (management, office, maintenance etc). :frust:

Some minors were:
Potential field failures also needs to be vamped up a little.

We are a tier 2, and some of our customers specific requirements are hard to find and/or actually get. So this is another area we have to look at.

Just a FYI, I have used these forums some, read alot. Figured I would try and give back a little. :bigwave:

By the way. The audit went much better than what I thought. So for those that haven't done it yet. Relax!! ;)
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You were given a major for that!? Will you be able to get it taken care of and get the auditor back in before December 15? Other than that sounds like you did well.

Teri - 2011

Yes a major.(not that I agree)!! They (and we) feel we can get the issues addressed prior to our regristration audit, which is the week of October 20.


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I failed to read the (pre)assessment. But I think most Registrars would have given that a minor, since you have something in place. Registrar Auditors that are members, comments. Who is your Registrar?


On the one Majorly ridiculous Minor finiding about training/competence, can you share HOW you defined the competence of production employees? Just to compare notes...


Customer requirements

HI Ter!

I´m in a tier 2 also, and i was wondering hoe did you deal with your customer requirements? Here we are going to lay over plans and drawings. Don´t know if this shall be enough, but hope it will.

Any help on this matter will be greatly apreciated.

Thanks and congrats!

Teri - 2011

For production employees it's actually very basic.

Define what skills are needed to run the job.
Are they running that job well? Scrap/rework issues? If none, they are competent. If not, there is a training need. You train (or is some cases, retrain). Then re-evaulate.
Our auditors said competency is a OUR determination of the employee.

As long as you have determined the skills needed, you document the evaluation, you have it!!

Where it gets sticky is management. Is your division manager competent? What skills needed? This is what we need to address.

Any ideas out there??

Teri - 2011

Drawings and blueprints are NOT enough for customer specific, even for us Tier 2's!!!!

I have found that a few of our customers have web sites with customer specific requirements. (the size of websters dictonary!)

Not sure how big your customers are, but maybe the web is a start.


I supply to Johnson Controls & Lear Co. and neither of them has anything on their web sites regarding customer specifics.

Is it OK to argue that " In my P.O. there´s no requirement specified other than the drawing " actually all requirements for manufactured parts are referenced in the mylar copies

I dont´t recall there´s another way to look at what customers is seeking than the blueprint, at least in the branch I´m working
Teri said:
Yes a major.(not that I agree)!! They (and we) feel we can get the issues addressed prior to our regristration audit, which is the week of October 20.
Part of the decision about major or minor might be based on the circumstances why the support areas weren't listed. If it as a decision that the did not fall under 6.2, then one could argue it to be a minor. However, if you never considered support, then it could indicate a failure in your QMS, which could warrant a major.
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