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Teri said:
Where it gets sticky is management. Is your division manager competent? What skills needed? This is what we need to address.
The easy answer is that if your division manager still has a job he/she must be competent (or at a minimum competent enough). The real question is how is that decision made, and how is it documented? I can argue that because I have not fired an employee, then that employee must be competent enough.

6.2.2 e) means you have to maintain records of education, training, skills and experience. Where are you required to maintain records of determining competence.
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Randy Stewart

Where it gets sticky is management. Is your division manager competent? What skills needed? This is what we need to address.
Oh, I hate this stuff. :mad: I think I will purposely put in my training that as long as my plant manager can stand on 1 leg, can read 1 page from the ISO standard of his choice, and has a Social Sercurity Card that he is considered competent. Plus he doesn't have to do them all at once.

This is where the standards go overboard and the auditors with them. Who are you to tell me how or why I choose someone for their job? I said they are competent, I don't have to document it. The standard says I "shall" determine, provide, evaluate, make aware, and maintain records of "EDUCATION, TRAINING, SKILLS & EXPERIENCE". Not if s/he is competent.

The person answered the want ad, counted to 25 without the use of anothers foot or hand. Challenge me on why they can't run the HR Department! You can't, and neither can ISO or the RAB.
Education - Evelyn Wood Speed Reading Course & a GED
Here is the training record - Underwater penny stacking and basket weaving for dummies.
Here are the Skills - Answer phone, doesn't drool on self while at work.
Experience - 6 years as patience at Northville State Hospital, 3 years at Gotham City Assylum for the Criminally Insane and 1 year on Work Release!


Hey Stew if those were your company's real requirements I'd want to be President, cause I'd probably only have to count to 100 and be able to deligate EVERYTHING. :ko:

Randy Stewart

For President you have to know that M O O N spells sheriff energy.
But how we weed everybody out is that they have to be a conservative republican that drives a yugo!


We use a certain type of evaluation for top management, PMM phylosophy, have you heard of it?

In case you haven´t, we give each manager ( production , tooling) a quality objective linked to the business plan, sometimes is reach below 1% scrap or to increase % RFT, this is on an annual basis. If manager reachs it´s objective then he gets i.e. 10% raise in his/her wage if he doesn´t then probably just 5% all depends on the performance he reaches.

So if he/She has reached his goals continnously then perhaps he is compenent enough, still there´re some objectives that can´t reach, and it doesn´t mean one is lack of competitivity or not doing his work.

This responsibility relies on plant manager, and he´s the one who can give an argument about his/hers performance. For plant managers there´s an operations & a regional director, and so on ......

Teri - 2011

Lear and Johnson Controls are also customers to us. And they DO have customer specifics on their web sites. Lear has many documents.
Our p.o.'s from lear even say "our requirements for have changed go to for updates". I urge you to find customer specifics.
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