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Preliminary MSA and Sockets' correlation

Hello, I am trying to write SW Specifications for a SPC tool we have to develop internally and just would like to have some feedback from you experts. The tool’s MSA Section will contain:
  • Preliminary Analysis, aimed to check repeatibility (variation) and Bias (Type-1 as defined in Minitab 18)
  • Gage R&R (Anova and Average and Ranges methods)
At our company, a single Measurement System (we call it “Tester”) is made of more than one test bay (we call them “sockets”) able to test more than one unit at a time.

A first question is about sockets’ correlation (since all sockets are supposed to provide the same measurement values): how can I embed this analysis into MSA?

In your opinion does it make sense to provide the user the possibility to perform an “inter-sockets” analysis in addition to an “intra-socket” one in order to evaluate correlation?

Would it apply to Preliminary analysis (Type 1) and GR&R as well?

Thank you very much!!

PS: in Minitab, Gage Type 1 study is a kind of “preliminary analysis” but I cannot find any other reference on this in AIAG MSA. Can you help to clarify?
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