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Premade QS documents


tim banic

Hi folks, I am searching for a website to find QS documents that I can Download. Save me from buying a program or making them from scratch.

Thanks for your help


Don Watt

Hi Tim,
Depends on what "QS documents" you're after.
There are some very good examples right here in the pdf section!

tim banic

If they were silver bullets I might consider using them on myself some days....and other days on other folks.

I was looking for the sheets for PPAP, not procedures.

Thanks folks

tim banic

sorry forgot to add this to my last statement, but what is a pdf (showing my lack of knowing).

thanks ahead of time.
I fyou would like to email me please do so [email protected]
thanks again

Jim Evans


Although not on the web there are standard PPAP forms in the appendices of the PPAP manual from AIAG. I believe the cost is only $9.

I think .pdf means portable document format and is used by Adobe to format files.



Captain Nice
Staff member
Yup - pdf is the nickname for Adobe Acrobat files. The reader is free from

There are a bunch of excel files for everything from R&R to PPAP in the pdf_files directory.

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Captain Nice
Staff member
Just remember things here are examples for thought. Canned procedures will,, however, have to be 'adjusted' to your company -- so you won't get out of any work and, if you don't watch out, will make more work for your self. Canned packages and examples are not 'silver bullets'.
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