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Premium Freight for Bulk Material



We supply bulk chemicals to automotive customers for production of polyurethane foam. At a recent QS-9000 audit we argued that subcontractor paid premium freight charges were not relevant to us since our raw materials are commodities which we purchase at a market price which includes delivery. Our subcontractors cannot pass on these costs to us, so why should we need to record them?
The auditor was sympathetic to this point, and did not raise a nonconformity. He suggested we take this up with the AIAG for a sanctioned interpretation to remove this requirement for bulk materials.
Anyone else with relevant experience who would support this?

John Darby


Captain Nice
Staff member
I haven't seen it from this point of view - but what you say makes sense. But - Good luck getting an 'interpreation' much less a change in any of the QS-9000 documents.
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