Preparing for IATF 16949 Letter of Conformance Stage 1 audit

Hello All,

I would like to ask for your help and experience.

At the moment our factory is expanding, and the second factory is almost fully built up.

The customer is not fixed yet, but the manufacturing process will be pressing.

I got the responsibility to get the company the Letter of Conformance and after we have the 12 months production period, the official IATF 16949 certificate.

My Korean bosses told me that I have to start preparing for it only with these few information.

What I know for sure is that the Design and Development can be excluded because we won't be making any of that, we will receive drawings from our customer.

So my questions are:

- As I know to pass Stage 1, we have to show the auditor the following things:

- Process Map
- Organization Chart
- KPIs
- Internal Audit Plan (and executed audits with audit reports)
- The 21 mandatory documents
- Management Review

As I know the Quality Manual is not mandatory anymore.

Is there anything else that is missing?

Is it even possible to start making the 21 mandatory documents without knowing the future products?

Can you help me explain, what needs to be done until Stage 1, and what I can do now with almost no information about our future customer?

Thank you so much in advance!
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Customer Specific Requirements, even those that are not in IATF site they are now checking.

Current scorecards , satisfaction, on tome delivery is another.

Most importantly Quality Manual.

I used to work for a very Korean company, now a BIG 3 company. If you would like advice PM me.


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As Ashland78 mentioned, the Quality Manual is important and it is required in the first sentence of IATF 16949 2015 I Advise you to please review the IATF 16949 2015 standard.
refering to 6.5.1 Stage 1 planning you shall provide following:

-description of the remote location and the support they provide;
-description of processes showing the sequence and interactions, including the identification of remote supporting functions and outsourced processes;
-key indicators and performance trends for the previous twelve (12) months, minimum;
-evidence that all the requirements of IATF 16949 are addressed by the client’s processes;
-quality manual, including the interactions with support functions on site or remote;
-evidence of one full cycle of internal audits to IATF 16949 followed by a management review;
-list of qualified internal auditors and the criteria for qualification;
-list of automotive customers and their customer-specific requirements, if applicable;
-Customer complaint summary and responses, scorecards, and special status, if applicable
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