Preparing for the ASQ CPGP (GMP professional exam), how to revise and remember the vast syllabus?


I'm preparing for the ASQ CPGP exam. The syllabus is vast. there's a lot to read. what's the best way to remember everything?
how to plan or take notes so as not to go back every time to read pages and pages of guidances/ manuals? what's the best way to revise and then remember what you have read?

John Broomfield

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Understanding the material is essential to learning.

Remembering? Not so much.

How about asking specific questions of your colleagues on the Cove to help with your understanding?

This may help too.

John Predmore

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I looked on the ASQ website since I am not familiar with the CPGP myself. The CPGP is open book exam, as many of the ASQ certification exams are. Therefore, your objective is not to remember "everything", but be able to recognize from the exam question what information you need to answer the question, and be able to find it quickly during the exam. In my own exam preparation (I took a different exam), I worked sample problems in the months ahead of time, wrote notes and highlighted cross-references in my textbooks, and prepared one-sheet guides with formulas and key information. Be sure to read in advance the website about what you may or may not bring into the exam on the day of the test. There are often restrictions on what type of calculator or electronic device is allowed in the test room, as well as restrictions on loose sheets or unbound pages in reference books. I had to assemble 3-hole punched pages with threaded fasteners because 3-ring binders were not permitted. So plan ahead. Good luck!
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