Preventing Shortage of Product Quantity - Hand Count and Scale Count


Try taking a larger count sample to set the counter weigh scale and do that daily. This is because the parts weight might differ to some extent from batch to batch creating count problems to you but the part could be still good.
Since you also put the carton box on the scale, it can be that these carton box weights also differ making your count an error on high or low side. Use a standard bin to transfer, count and then retransfer to packing carton again.
Even after you do all these .... drop in 3 more parts in the carton after counting to the required number (factor of safety) ... :)


Hello Somashekar,

Thanks for your inputs. Fyi, our part weight are controlled within +/-5% from the spec limit and so far the part weight is not an issue so far. Regarding transferring those parts from to bin and back to carton again, i think there will be a concern for the production to do the work and somemore the carton does not have a huge difference in weight. But adding 3 more parts might be a helpful idea.

Appreciate your inputs and i'm still open to any suggestion from any Cove members. :yes:


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Counting the finished goods using wieghing scale may not always tell you that the quantity is spot on. If your counting by thousands it is more productive to use wieghhing scale than count it manually. For sure you bring out this topic because your costumer always complain of less quantity. We have parts pack in 10 thousands per bag and I always tell the operator to put extra 2 pcs . The extra 2 pcs will not hurt your company productivity and financially unless the per piece cost is expensive.



Hello kuyakut,

Thanks again for your suggestions, i think adding 2 or 3 extra parts (as per somashekar suggestion) will be the appropriate action to reduce shortage qty being delivered to customers.

Good input :)
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