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Preventive Maintenance Implementation


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Looking for the best way to implement PM in our system. I do have all the PM information from the manuals, and forms filled out with the procedure. Would like to know best way to introduce this to the team.


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What do you mean by "forms filled out with the procedure"?
Are you asking for suggestions for a process on how to manage equipment preventative maintenance?


Captain Nice
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Would like to know best way to introduce this to the team.
Do you have a defined team (names and positions)?

Assuming you do, I used to simply make an agenda for a meeting and have a presentation which clearly and comprehensively explains the content of the procedure/system. Machine operators could be, and maybe should be, included in the "training".

Taking @John Broomfield 's post, I agree, but the question you ask seems to be more towards educating personnel who will be responsible for elements of the system you have already defined. Once the team is "trained" on the system, I would assume there will be consideration to essential requirements and budget with an additional aspect of potential improvements.

As always, a "war story"...

I remember working with some companies in the 1990's and early 2000's. Their PM teams were involved in equipment purchases as well as line layouts. I saw them come up with some interesting stuff, one of which was with a machine which was maintenance intensive. They reviewed the machine and found that there was an important aspect (changing and lubricating certain chains and gears at one end of the machine). To reduce the time needed they removed a large bolted on access cover and fabricated a plexiglass cover with hinges and a latch. his allowed them and machine operators to constantly monitor wear and ensure proper lubrication.


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I appreciate the feedback. This is a small company who had no PM process in place. I created forms that included the PM procedure for each piece of equipment based on the mfg recommendations.

Now I need to implement the PM's to actually get done and documented. Sounds simple enough, just want to be sure I am not missing anything

John Broomfield

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As I see it this is more of a leadership problem than a PM problem. Find some way of engaging the people you expect to make PM a reality. Your commitment is a good first step.
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