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Preventive Maintenance & Machine Manual Control


Captain Nice
Staff member
Bruce Fille wrote:

--> Hi Marc, I had a auditor tell me that under preventive machine
--> maintenance I needed to have the machine maintenance manuals under
--> controlled documents and...

The 'control' issue depends upon how you define 'control'. Control can simply be keeping it with the machine on a rack on the side. Control can be having all the manuals in one book shelf. I would be surprised if they demand you have an index of them. And for all intents and purposes they're seldom 'revision sensitive'.

Auditor: How do you control your equipment manuals?

Respondent: We keep all machine manuals in this book shelf. All employees who have a reason to need one understands (has been told or 'trained') that the books are to be replaced if they have to remove it for any reason.

--> able to explain/show why we do or do not have replacement
--> parts in stock for those machines.


I keep 1 motor for the Milacron 22490 because it is critical to the operation. We need to be able to replace the motor, if it goes bad, within 2 hours to prevent materials flow problems.

I do not keep a spare motor for the Cartier 7783 because we do no service. It is too complex. The manufacturer does all repair. The manufacturer typically has a service person on site within 12 hours.

I do not keep a spare motor for the Listerine 778405 mixer because we can get a motor ithe same day from Wellington or several other distributors and the mixer is not critical to operations (24 hours downtime won't afect critical processes or material flow).

We keep four Amdex 123-ADF relays in stock because they are common to several of our machines and we know we will replace 2 or 3 a year. We know this from past maintenance records and general experience.


--> He also said that I needed a statement in contract review that
--> allows us to place a part back into the same machine/fixture/setup
--> run for rework or finishing a part that was taken out of the machine
--> before finished.

I would ask for an explaination of this from the auditor and ask him/her to relate this to a specific paragraph of QS9000. This is a new one on me.

--> Thanks
--> Bruce...

Does this help?
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