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In our company we do not have the access program, but I would need to create a preventive maintenance plan in excel (I do not Like paper :bonk:). Is there a model for starting, possibly free?

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Re: Maintanance spreadsheet excel

If you do some research, you'll find there are multiple types of maintenance programs such as, preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance, and conditions based maintenance.

I guess it depends on what type of equipment the maintenance program will be created around. You may stick to one, or you may utilize all three.

Identify your equipment, triggers, responsibilities, tasks, frequency, etc. Create a log with all of this information, and make a "results" or "completed" section to record the maintenance that was done. Use historical data you have collected if necessary to get the answers to some of these questions.

You can just use a regular spreadsheet with manual data entry, but this can pose some problems. For example, who will be using this spreadsheet? Are they competent enough with excel to use the spreadsheet efficiently? Are you going to be asked to analyze the data for someone every day? Is the data properly protected? Protected from human error in data entry, or tampering (unintentional or otherwise)?

These are some problems I have faced with some of our excel spreadsheets. I have gotten to the point that I write macros to automate data analysis so all anyone has to do is push a button, and they get the info they need, compiled nicely into a PDF, and saved for their use. I've also started creating input forms with drop down lists, references, and several other types of data validation to prevent human error in data entry. So far, it has worked very well.
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