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Henry van Amsterdam

Hi, our company produces process fluids for the metalworking industry and we have a lot of automotive-customers in different countries.
The consequence: Ford wants QS9K, VW wants VDA6.1, others are pleased with ISO:9001, and I have to buy the standards in order to stay informed.

Recently we 'dicovered' the ISO/TS 16949 and we bought a copy for DFL. 240,- (± $ 110).

In the discussions around TS16949 I saw that other companies sell this standard for $ 15.

In the VDA-corner of this site I read that one of our colleagues bought a copy of the VDA6.1 for $ 50. I recently bought one for DM 58 (= $ 30)
(Although I am a bit late, have you tried this one? *** DEAD LINK REMOVED *** (It could save you some money)

I think it could be usefull to share price-information on standards, in order to save some money. (Why ?.....I am Dutch)

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Dirk Jansen

(info from another Dutchman)

I assume that you bought your TS.. from NNI.
The AIAG prices are a lot cheaper:
TS16949 USD 15
TS 4 pack USD 40

Freight cost: USD 47,50 (for a 4 pack)

I'm going to order a 4 pach, which will be available in Feb 2000.

Maybe it's better to order together, to save some money on the freight.

Please let me know. You can mail me at [email protected] or call 030 6666068.



Howard Atkins

Forum Administrator
The prices at AIAG are much cheaper but the postage is excessive.
If you have an agent or friend in the USA send to him and get them to forward it is much much cheaper.
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